Then came the idea for a monthly group ride

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This east side neighborhood eatery is a no nonsense kind of place; a bar serves as the centerpiece, enclosed by wood paneled walls. You might find yourself putting away your phone and enjoying not only the food but the neighbors around you at this old school cash only place. Hearty portions of traditional Wisconsin fare arrive hot from the griddle: grilled walleye, a 16 ounce prime rib, meatloaf, half pound burgers in baskets alongside a pile of skinny, skin on French fries, homemade stews and lightly battered cheese curds.

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The aim of this podcast, he says, is to take hateful conversations that take place online and turn them into productive, outlook changing conversations offline. It doesn always make for a comfortable listen, but Conversations With People Who Hate Me is necessary in a world where we almost always take for granted the power of anonymity, without considering that there a real person at the receiving end of our thoughts. Hosts Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are going to be on my regular playlist this year, just because they going to help me through my No 1 resolution: consume less.

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